Module 1: Legislation and Regulations

Guidelines for the Production of Dairy Foods in Food Service Establishments are intended for restaurant stakeholders (owners, managers, chefs and kitchen staff) and environmental health officers (EHOs) inspecting food premises were dairy products are being made for immediate consumption, according to the British Columbia Milk Industry Act, Dairy Plan Exception Regulation (BC Reg. 224/2019).

Food premises that do not meet the requirements of the DPER would be regulated as a dairy plant under the BC Milk Industry Act. Please visit the BC Centre For Disease Control web page for more information at:

Links to the following Food Safety Legislation can be found on the Ministry of Health web page:

  • Food Safety Act
  • Public Health Act
  • Food Premises Regulation
  • Milk Industry Act
  • Fish and Seafood Act
  • List of federal food and food safety legislation (CFIA – Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Safe Foods for Canadians Act
  • Food and Drug Regulations

The Ministry’s website also includes links to:

  • Food Safety & Sanitation plans
  • Food Safety Provincial policies
  • Regional Health authority contact information